I Am Patrick: The Patron Saint of Ireland.


I Am Patrick is a splendid account of St. Patrick…an accurate portrayal of his heroics in converting the Irish to Christianity. This is a movie to treasure.”
Bill Donohue, President of Catholic League for Religious and Civil Rights
I Am Patrick will stir your heart! Peer behind the veil to contemplate a slave, a man of prayer, a leader and zealous preacher, a bishop, and friend whose attentiveness to the voice of God and resolute holy perseverance through devastating times and cataclysmic situations has changed history. Be moved by St. Patrick—don’t miss this movie!”
Donna-Marie Cooper O’Boyle, TV host, international speaker, bestselling author of more than 30 books, including The Kiss of Jesus
“Faithfully rooted in his own writings and historically accurate storytelling, I Am Patrick offers a compelling look at the saint often called ‘The Apostle of Ireland.’ St. Patrick overcame his own failings and experienced a challenging yet profound conversion and then devoted his life to share the Gospel with zeal, joy and love. This film tells his story with truth, candor and beauty.” 
Lisa M. Hendey, author of The Secret of the Shamrock
“An inspiring, must-watch film for every Christian!
This story of the REAL St. Patrick is marvelous, convicting, gripping, educational and inspiring!”
Michael Foust, Crosswalk.com
“Deeply inspiring! I have always loved St. Patrick; I am named for him. ‘I Am Patrick’ reignited that love and revealed the supernatural power of a simple, unswerving faith to change the world. The movie provides a beautiful glimpse into 5th century Ireland, a land of pagans, yet fertile ground for conversions to Christianity for one as faithful as St. Patrick.”
Patti Maguire Armstrong, journalist and author of Holy Hacks: Everyday Ways to Live Your Faith & Get to Heaven
I Am Patrick does a superb job uncovering the true story of Patrick’s life. It strips away the myth that he’s a larger-than-life superhero and instead reveals that he’s an ordinary man whom God uses in an extraordinary way because of his humble faith and obedience. Like the apostle Paul, Patrick brings the Good News — the message that man can find forgiveness and fellowship with God through faith in Jesus — to a land lost in sin and hopelessness. It’s the power of the gospel, not Patrick himself, that transforms the people and culture of Ireland. I encourage Christians to see I Am Patrick to be reminded once again that God isn’t looking for our ability as much as our availability.”
Dan Brownell, editor of Today’s Christian Living
The film, I Am Patrick is equally engaging and inspiring. The film, based on the words of St. Patrick himself, in his Confessio, is a realistic, unvarnished account of the life and ministry of St. Patrick.

While the film is engaging and entertaining, it is not to be taken lightly. St. Patrick’s life was not an easy one; it was filled with disappointments and dangers. Yet, inspired by his faith in God, and his desire to preach the Gospel of Christ, Patrick remained faithful till the end, preaching in a pagan and unfriendly land. The life of St. Patrick calls Christians to be steadfast in courage, and to live our faith fearlessly in our own time that is equally unfriendly to the hard truths of the Gospel.

I Am Patrick reminds us of the significant impact St. Patrick had on the Church and the Western World. I was struck by the fact that not much is known about St. Patrick’s later years – for example, the time, place and manner of his death are not well-documented. But in the end, those details of Patrick’s life aren’t terribly important. What is important is that St. Patrick planted the seeds of faith, and that his work was harvested by his followers, ensuring that his legacy would never be lost.

In short, St. Patrick was a good, courageous, and holy man whose entire life was informed by his encounter with God and his belief in the Gospel. His impact on the Christian Church and the whole Western World is enormous. That’s why his memory, celebrated on March 17th, deserves to be marked with much more meaning than can be offered by civic parades, green beer and shamrocks. Clearly, the movie I Am Patrick points us in the right direction.

Bishop Thomas J. Tobin, Bishop of Providence, R.I.

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